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    GENERAL INFORMATION | Hidden Creek French Bulldogs

    Hidden Creek is currently specializing in Blue Frenchies

    Our breeding stock consists of:
    GRACIE - our blue female with a white chest.
    GiGi - our silver blue brindle female.
    RINGO - our blue fawn male stud.

    We can expect many different variations of blues from our dogs.

    Dark Blue
    Silver Blue
    Blue Brindle
    Blue Fawn
    Blue Pied

    Pricing will vary with each puppy.
    Price range will start at $3000 for any non blue color (blue carrier) to $5000
    for a solid blue with NO white or Brindle.
    See the prices on current puppies in the "Available puppies" gallery.

    Please call to inquire about available puppies.
    Lori 919-235-7079

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